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Protecting your assets after death

Usually, after death, the assets are distributed to the heirs as soon as possible.  Sometimes it would be a good idea to put restrictions on the inheritance if the heir is:

• A minor 

• A “spender” (the average inheritance is spent in 94 days)

• On Medicaid, Social Security disability, or other governmental programs that would be lost upon receipt of an inheritance

• On drugs and an inheritance would compound their drug problem

• In a marriage that is on shaky ground and you do not want the inheritance to

• Become a marital asset to be divided

• Inherits asset  an IRA  (all the income tax will come due in the year following death)

We can show you methods to control the distribution of your assets and the income earned on those assets following your death.  Contact our office for a free consultation if you want to manage the distribution of your assets after death. 


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