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Estate taxes should concern you if you are in excess of $5M and/or if you created a revocable living trust when the federal estate exemption was a $1M or less and the trust contained what is commonly known as an A-B trusts or Spousal / Marital trusts.

Gift taxes are probably the least understood of taxes.  They are completely avoidable if you do not reach $5M in your lifetime. 

Income taxes are one of your top expenses each year.  One goal of estate planning is to move assets from taxable to tax deferred, to tax exempt.  Some of these strategies may be: 

• Convert taxable assets to tax deferred assets 

• Reduce or eliminate taxes on your social security

• Reduce or eliminate the taxes to be paid on your annuity when you make withdrawals

• Convert your taxable IRA death proceeds to non taxable for your heirs

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