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There are many outside forces which may derail your retirement plans.  Many of these forces may be minimized or eliminated under your control and direction.  We help you implement both time-tested and new solutions that are available to protect your retirement.  The following table identifies some of the controllable forces and avoidance strategies you may choose to implement in order to protect your retirement.  Please contact our office for a free consultation.  

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Controllable Forces 

 Avoidance Strategies

Cost of Probate 

Variety of solutions, including but not limited to the use of joint assets, beneficiaries, “Ladybird Deeds” and trusts

Estate Taxes

Adjust trusts to coincide with regulations

Gift Taxes 

Manage gifting according to regulations

 Income Taxes

Convert taxable assets to tax deferred assets

Reduce or eliminate taxes on your social security and annuity withdrawals

Convert taxable IRA death proceeds to non taxable for heirs

Stock Market Losses 

Create guaranteed growth and lifetime income 

 Long Term Care (ltc)

Annual or single premium ltc insurance

Convert annuity to ltc distribution

Combine life insurance and ltc policies

VA pensions



Provide solution to protect 50% to 100% of assets from nursing home expenses

 No VA Pension

Identify if eligible and secure pension

 Protect your Heirs from Wasting their Inheritance

Irrevocable trusts

Special needs trusts

Stretch IRAs

 Outliving Assets

Securing a guaranteed lifetime income

 Financial Penalty and Loss of Control

Durable power of attorney

Healthcare power of attorney


Attorney-at-Law PLLC


Mr. Gary Allen has been a licensed Michigan Attorney for 40 years.  He graduated from the University of Michigan School of Business in 1968 and the University of Michigan Law School in 1971.  Today, his practice is focused on Estate Planning, Elder Law and Retirement Planning.  He is a member of the Probate and Estates Section and the Elder Law Section of the Michigan Bar Association.  He is also a VA certified attorney.

Mr. Allen has a unique law practice.  In addition to the preparation of legal documents such as wills, trusts and powers of attorney, his practice takes a total approach toward protecting the assets and guaranteeing the income of a retiree. Additionally, Mr. Allen is a recognized specialist in the distribution and maximization of IRAs and other retirement accounts.  More information about his practice can be found at

In past years, Mr. Allen has been recognized for his community work by both the House of Representatives for the State of Michigan and the House of Representatives for the US Congress.  The Michigan Jaycees once recogn
ized him as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men in the State of Michigan.   Mr. Allen has also served on the boards of the Girl’s and Boy’s Club, the Little League, the Chamber of Commerce, Miss Teen, Project Concern International, and many other organizations. He was also a scoutmaster for an Explorer troop.  He worked with the State Bar of Michigan as a Grievance Investigator to help people who have been taken advantage of by attorneys.  He has been a guest lecturer at Cleary College, Washtenaw Community College, and Eastern Michigan University.  He has made more than 500 speeches to various community groups, churches and other gatherings of retirees.  His wife, Susan, is well known for her volunteer work with the Northville schools, Girl Scouts, and Vacation Bible School.  The Allen’s have three children and the entire family is active in “Bridgepointe,” a charity that supports the health and educational needs of inner-city school children.

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Session One - Basic Estate Planning: Discussion includes the use of wills, revocable living trusts, healthcare powers of attorney and financial powers of attorney.  Emphasis on the ways to avoid probate and the "Ladybird Deed" to name a beneficiary on your home.

Session Two - Advanced Estate Planning:  Discussion on various types of trusts:  irrevocable, special needs, charitable remainder, etc.  Also, a review of the current Federal Estate Tax Law.

Session Three - IRA's and Retirement Accounts:  Discussion on all types of retirements accounts (IRA, 401K, 403B, etc.,) how to avoid penalties, how to set up beneficiaries, spousal rollovers, taxation on inherited IRA's and how to use a "Stretch IRA" to avoid up to a 40% tax on distributions, and an IRA Inheritance Trust. 

Session Four - Estate and Probate Administration:  What happens at death if you have a will or trust?  How is a will or trust administered?  What taxes are due and how can they be minimized?  Do you need an attorney?  What will this cost?

Session Five - Medicaid Planning:  Discussion of the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, what is necessary to qualify for Medicaid, what assets are countable and what assets are non-countable, the five year look-back rule on divestments, using the spousal benefit trust to protect assets, using the half loaf strategy to protect assets.

Session Six - Annuities:  This seminar is designed to provide you with an overview of the different types of annuities, the most common annuity, contract provisions, and an explanation of the new income riders, and methods of dealing with existing annuities. 

60 minutes 401k video

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From concerns regarding protecting yourself when raising a family to ensuring you protect what you have saved for retirement, Retirement Protection Strategies, LLC is here for you. Whatever stage you’re at in life, having a sense of financial security lets you live it fully.

We offer a wide range of insurance solutions. 


Allen Elder Law is dedicated to the issues facing today’s seniors and baby boomers. It is oriented to help families with the very real issues our aging population must face. These issues include the traditional legal solutions of preparing legal documents such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney and helping with probating estates or administering trusts.